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The Natural Pond Balance

Achieving a Balanced Pond Eco-System

Although each pond differs in the amount of sun, depth, dimensions, water movements and temperature, the following formula will be helpful in achieving a balance for your pond. For each square yard of surface area you should have:

Natural Pond Balance Eco-System Formula Eco-Balance Essential elements - Natural Pond Balance Formula & Natural Pond Ecosystem Formula Diagram
  1. Oxygenating Grasses (Two Bunches)

    To produce oxygen through photosynthesis and absorb carbon dioxide resulting from fish waste and cool the water.

  2. Water Lilies (One medium to large Water Lily)

    To provide surface coverage preventing oxygen loss and evaporation. The pads shade and decaying matter.

  3. Pond Fish (Two Fish approximately 4 to 5 inches in length)

    To eat pests such as aphids, flies and mosquito larvae and consume oxygen produced by plants.

  4. Water Snails (Twelve Snails)

    To eat algae and decomposing material. They do not eat aquatic plants or leave the pond.

  5. Bog Plants or Creeping Plants (One Plant every two square yards)

    To consume excess pond nitrogen and phosphates.