Van Ness water Gardens

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Misc. Pond Building Products

Black Vinyl Tubing: No Algae Build-Up!
Black Vinyl Tubing: No Algae Build-Up!
S052 - Black Vinyl Tubing - $1.05 - per ft. 1/2 inch I.D. Quantity:
S053 - Black Vinyl Tubing - $1.59 - per ft. 3/4 inch I.D. Quantity:
S054 - Black Vinyl Tubing - $1.78 - per ft. 1 inch I.D. Quantity:
Bobby Float Valve
Bobby Float ValveBFV 1/4 inch Bobby Float Valve with Saddle Valve to install on the edge of your pool to automatically control the water depth at all times. Saves filling and watching water level of pond. Complete kit. All you need to do is to install bracket on edge of pond or attach the floating valve and copper tubing to run from your water supply to pond.
S016 - $36.99 - 1 unit Quantity:
PVC Tubing
PVC Tubing

This flex tubing is made of strong PVC and can be glued with normal PVC fittings and glues. PVC flex tubing is preferred since each 90 degree added to rigid PVC can reduce the water flow by as much as 10 % cutting your flow of water to your waterfall or pond return. Very strong and will handle the pressure of a 2 or 3 horse power pump and filter. Normal use is with the Whisperflo pumps and the Tagalus filters however is may be used with any pump and filter that required 1 1/2 inch or 2 inch tubing.

H178 - PVC Tubing - $2.25 - 1 1/2 inch tubing - per foot Quantity:
H676 - PVC Tubing - $2.85 - 2 inch tubing - per foot Quantity:
Ultraviolet Lights
Ultraviolet LightsWe have 3 UV lites offered at Van Ness Water Gardens. There is a 9 watt for ponds up to 500 gallons. A 18 watt for ponds up to 3000 gallons and a 36 watt for ponds up to 4000 gallons. The UV lite serves several functions in the pond. Number one the UV lite is a sterilizer. It will remove fungus, parasites eggs, bacterias, that are harmful to the plants and fish. Number 2 is will kill algae bloom and algae spores cleaning up your green water problems. The UV lite may be added to the pond pump. Most installations do not require special tools. These fast and easy to install UV lites will help keep your pond clear and problem free.
    Suggested pumps
  • 0 to 500 UV lite ------- A430 pump
  • 600 to 3000 UV lite -----S580 pump
  • 3100 UV lite ----- S1200 pump
These UV lites may also be connected to a bypass on larger pumps. Recommended running time per lite in an average pond is 8 hours per day. The lite may require a separate timer.
S742 - Ultraviolet Lights - $179.99 - UV 09 Quantity:
S743 - Ultraviolet Lights - $229.99 - UV 18 Quantity:
S744 - Ultraviolet Lights - $254.99 - UV 36 Quantity:
Water Control Level
Water Control LevelThis professional automatic water fill device is designed to be installed outside and away from the pond. A 1" line from this device to the pond keeps the water at a preset level. Pond must have a 1" access pipe 6" below water level for installation of this device.
S272 - $134.99 - 1 unit Quantity: