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A water garden is the essence of beauty through life; it is home to a multitude of vibrant water lilies, and the sacred lotus. The art that is your water garden will come to life with the brush strokes of glimmering Goldfish and the graceful movements of Koi, all the while reflecting the beautifully vast sky above. With the natural pond balance you can have your own Eco system with minimal filtration and maintenance. For centuries people have enjoyed the beauty of water fountains and water gardens in their public squares and private estates. We strive to bring these beautiful pieces of history and nature to your back yard. Water gardens create a natural focal point with relaxing sounds and stunning inhabitants. Your own back yard can prove to be a pleasant escape from daily life.

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Take some time and browse through our website to get ideas and quality products to help your water garden thrive. You will find everything you need to build the water garden of your dreams including; Liners, Pumps, Filters, Plants, Fish, Critters, Chemicals, Nets, Decor, as well as Foods and Fertilizers. You can also visit us at our gardens, were open: 9:00AM to 4:30PM. Winter Hours may vary.

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