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Fish for Sale

Welcome to Van Ness Water Gardens Fish For Sale page. We are currently not shipping, we do not expect to be shipping fish any time soon. All fish listed prices are for  in store only. The fish listed on this page are available for walk in clients. If you have a specific fish or specific color don't hesitate to give us a call to see if we have your variety in stock. Our regularly housed fish are American bred Koi fish. We also have a small selection of hand picked Japanese Imported Koi as well as a large selection of various types of goldfish. We can special order high end fish upon request. The pond fish shown are examples of the fish we have in stock, they are not images of the fish we have currently housed.

Standard Goldfish
Standard Goldfish

These are our standard Goldfish. They can grow up to 12 inches long and live long happy lives. They are one of the easiest fishes to take care of in a pond environment. These guys are also great for water gardens, they can handle ponds or aquariums as small as 20 gallons.

A0006 - 2" to 5" Standard Goldfish - $7.99 - 1 In Store Only
A0007 - 2" to 5" Standard Goldfish - $20.00 - 3 In Store Only
A0008 - 6" to 10" Standard Goldfish - $7.99 - 1 In Store Only
A0009 - 6" to 10" Standard Goldfish - $20.00 - 3 In Store Only
Fantail Goldfish
Fantail Goldfish

These are some of the friendliest fish you will find in a pond. These little chubby guys grow similar to softballs in size. They can reach 8-10 inches in length. We have them in multiple colors such as; Red and White, Blue Black and Red, or just plain red. These guys are also great for water gardens, they can handle ponds or aquariums as small as 40 gallons.

A0081 - 2" to 4" Fantail Goldfish - $15.99 In Store Only
A0082 - 2" to 4" Fantail Goldfish - $40.00 - 3 In Store Only
A0083 - 5" to 7" Fantail Goldfish - $60.00 - 3 In Store Only
A0084 - 5" to 7" Fantail Goldfish - $24.99 - 1 In Store Only
Koi Fish
Koi Fish

These are a mixed assortment of good quality American bred Koi Fish. These are a fantastic addition to your pond, with stunning colors such as the Platinum Oghan (Metallic White), Butterfly breeds (Long Fins), Kohaku (Red and White), Showa (Black, Red, and White) plus many more! These fish need room to grow. We do not recommend Koi for ponds smaller than 1,000 gallons.

A004 - Domestic Show Koi Fish - $25.99 - 1 In Store Only
A005 - Domestic Show Koi Fish - $65.00 - 3 In Store Only
A0051 - Domestic Butterfly Koi Fish - $28.99 - 1 In Store Only
A0052 - Domestic Butterfly Koi Fish - $75.00 - 3 In Store Only
Japanese Koi Fish
Japanese Koi Fish

These are our select hand picked Koi imported from Japan. We currently house fish any where from 5-12 inches with varying breeds. These breeds can include: Asagi, Kohaku, Showa, Sanke, Goshiki, and more! We are happy to take requests for specific breeds or if you are looking for a special fish just for your pond give us a call and we would be happy to help you find what you are looking for.

FS00121 - Japanese Koi Fish 5-8 - $49.99 - 1 In Store Only
FS00122 - Japanese Koi Fish 5-8 - $120.00 - 3 In Store Only
FS00123 - Japanese Koi Fish 9"-12" - $59.99 - 1 In Store Only
FS00124 - Japanese Koi Fish 9"-12" - $150.00 - 3 In Store Only
Mosquito Fish
Mosquito Fish

We sell Mosquito fish at the gardens to help rid your pond or water feature of mosquito's. They eat the larva as soon as they hatch from their eggs. These fish are live bearing, they come in quantities of 10. We do not pick male from female. For large quantities we ask that you call and notify us so we can have them prepared for you. If you can not make it to our shop but have a mosquito problem you could give your local Vector Control a call and they may be able to refer some one close to you to help find mosquito fish.

A0014 - Mosquito Fish - $22.00 - 10 In Store Only
A0015 - Mosquito Fish - $39.99 - 20 In Store Only
Van Ness Quick Start
Van Ness Quick Start

Removes Chloramine and Ammonia

Quick Start is a chloramines and ammonia remover. Use 2 ounces of product for every 100 gallons of pond water. Will effectively remove harmful chloramines and ammonia from water. Use at least one hour prior to adding fish. This product is not compatible with ammonia test kits or chloramine test kits.

S301 - Van Ness Quick Start - $12.99 - 8 oz. (treats 400 gal.) Quantity:
S540 - Van Ness Quick Start - $20.99 - 16 oz. (treats 800 gal.) Quantity:
S541 - Van Ness Quick Start - $54.99 - 1 gallon (treats 6400 gal.) Quantity: