Van Ness water Gardens

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Pond Construction Example

1. Pond excavation and preparation for installation of Skimmers and BioFalls

3. Construction of waterfall berm between upper and lower ponds.

5. One of two Bio-Falls, before plants and fish are added.

7. Right after installation of aquatic plants and fish.

When Southern California coastal residents, the Culbertsons, turned to Van Ness Water Gardens to construct a pond for them, they already had a good idea what they wanted as theyd had a pond in their previous residence. Beautiful, moving water and easy to maintain they said. The results delivered on all counts.

Over 5,000 gallons in size, the pond is actually two ponds. A smaller upper pond cascades over a berm into a larger pond. A single EPDM butyl rubber liner was installed, along with two Skimmers on the near side of the lower pond, and two BioFalls. A pair of 4,000 gallons-per-hour pumps move the water from the skimmers in the lower pond to the Bio-Falls.

The upper pond was planted with a mixture of plants valued for their ability to consume nitrogen and phosphatesParrots Feather, Pennywort, Azure Pickerel, Cattail and Water Iriswhich prevents the build-up of the nutrients which would feed algae growth.

Oxygenating grasses are placed throughout both ponds. Water Hyacinths are floating atop each BioFalltheir long, dangling roots are an effective natural filter.

The biological filters and skimmers complete the job of keeping the pond looking natural and maintenance to an absolute minimum.

2. EPDM butyl rupper liner in place: in-pond and perimeter rocks being positioned.

4. Water in pond: ready for aquatic plants, fish and landscaping

6. Bio-Fall, with Water Hyancinths added to aid the natural filtering process.

8. One month later - what a beautiful result!