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Bottom Waste Removal

Algae are considered the biggest problem in a pond. In reality Algae is your best friend. The real culprit is that residue on the bottom of your pond.

Bottom waste is comprised of fish waste, snail waste, dead leaves, and plant material, dirt out of the air, and any solids from drainage into the pond. This material forms a bacterium that breaks down into gasses, ammonia and other forms of fertilizer.

This fertilizer must be consumed. The fastest consumer of this fertilizer is algae. If the bottom waste is so rich that the grasses and water lilies cannot consume it fast enough, then hair algae is a result. Again if the bottom material is so rich that the hair algae cannot function properly, then the free-floating algae or green water is the end result.

You can drain your pond every day forever, but as long as that bottom two inches remains, there is a problem.
A certain amount of bottom material is healthy for a fish pond. Monthly vacuuming of about 70% of the bottom material is usually about perfect. Vacuuming more often only disturbs your pond unnecessarily.

How to do a sweep

Pond Sweep Instructions

When operating a pond sweep, move forward one foot, and then lift up approximately two inches (as shown above) to allow the dirt to be vacuumed through the sweep.

Helpful hint; using Uber-Tech Water Restore 3 to 4 months before sweeping your pond will yield maximum results.

Muck-Vac Pond Sweep

The Muck-Vac Pond Sweep is an excellent aid for keeping your pond attractive. Simple and effective to use, it operates with your garden hose, forming a “vacuum” to remove the normal silt, sediment, algae and decaying matter that collects on the bottom of your pond or fountain. You can easily remove this algae-inducing bottom matter without emptying the pond or undertaking a major cleaning job. No electricity or motors are needed to operate the sweep. With water on full move sweep head forward along bottom of pond 12" then up 2". Repeat motion for best results.  

The sweeps come with complete instructions and include:

  1. Muck-Vac power head
  2. Vac head with brush
  3. Telescoping Pole
  4. Vacuum Hose

Note:  Requires Minimum of 50 PSI Garden Hose Water Pressure

S134 - Muck-Vac Pond Sweep - $149.99 - Maxi Quantity:
Uber-Tech Water Restore
Uber-Tech Water Restore

Helps Remove Muck and Clean Pond Floors

Uber-Tech Water Restore is a mixture of selected microbial strains in a freeze-dried state. When activated and added to your pond, these microbes attack, degrade and liquefy fish fecal mater, undigested fish food and other organics such as decaying plant materials. By degrading these materials the Uber-Tech Water Restore breaks the food chain that supports the growth of algae. Uber-Tech Water Restore is safe and non-toxic to humans, pets, fish and plants. Uber-Tech Water Restore is ideal for use in established pond or ponds with significant buildup of bottom sludge (for new or near new ponds please use the “Super Bugs” for algae and sludge control). Uber-Tech Water Restore can be used as needed to treat and clean your pond (16 oz. treats 1000 gals.), or on a regular schedule as preventive maintenance (4 oz.. per 1000 gals. every 3 months). Helpful Hint: If you are planning to sweep or clean out your pond, maximum results will be achieved if you treat your pond 3 to 4 months before cleaning with Uber-Tech Water Restore.

S703 - Uber-Tech Water Restore - $23.99 - 16 oz. Quantity:
S704 - Uber-Tech Water Restore - $107.99 - 1 gallon Quantity: