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Hardy Water Lilies

Year after Year of Exquisite Blooms

Hardy water lilies are everything the name suggests. They'll live for years even in the coldest climates, filling your pond with gorgeous blossoms lying just at the water's surface from April until October. As you can see from our descriptions, hardy water lilies come in shades of white, yellow, pink, orange, and red, ranging in size from miniatures to huge flowers. Note that price does not indicate flowering performance. When you order your hardy lilies, don't be surprised when they arrive as bare-root plants without foliage. That's the best way for them to survive shipment. It will take between four and six weeks for them to come well established and bloom after you plant them. Hint: When establishing new plants, don't remove old leaves for two months. The leaves drain their nutrients back to the root to help make new roots. Don't be upset if the first few blossoms are not he exact color you expected. It sometimes takes a while for the true color to emerge. Color intensity is affected by soil conditions, fertilizer quantities and sunlight and can vary from climate to climate. However, after becoming well established in your pond, your hardy lilies will give you years of pleasure with their exquisite blooms.

Pink Hardy Water Lilies
Peach Hardy Water Lilies
Red Hardy Water Lilies
Sunset Hardy Water Lilies
White Hardy Water Lilies
Yellow Hardy Water Lilies
Premium Mixed Hardy Lilies
Purple Hardy Water Lilies