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Water Gardening Books

The Basics of Water Gardening By William C. Uber
The Basics of Water GardeningFrom generations of water gardening comes the vast knowledge of Bill Uber, President of Van Ness Water Gardens. In this thorough but basic guide to water gardening, Bill gives easy-to-follow instructions. The book covers it all from designing and building your water garden to planting and maintaining it. The Basics of Water Gardening gives you pointers on aquatic plants, fish and water lilies. You’ll discover which ones to use, where and why. And, if you’ve longed for the peace and relaxation of a beautiful fountain or waterfall, Bill will get you started. Home gardener or professional landscaper, The Basics of Water Gardening will give you helpful insight through an uncomplicated writing style and hundreds of color photos and illustrations.

172 pages, 8 1/4" x 8 1/4". Hardcover
S506 - $28.99 - Hard Cover Quantity:
The Natural Water Gardens By The Brooklyn Botanic Garden
The Natural Water GardensA compendium of advice on constructing and planting all types of water gardens from many experts in the field. Advises on recreating the conditions found in natural wetlands for maximum success. Specifics on wetland plants for every geographic region.
S185 - $13.99 - Soft Cover Quantity:
Traveling Smart By Carolyn Hayes Uber
Traveling SmartWhether it is your first international journey, or you plan to travel independent of a tour, Traveling Smart will give you the confidence to know what to expect from getting to your destination, to enjoying your time there, to getting home again with great gifts, amazing photographs, delightful stories and wonderful memories.
S723 - $16.95 - Soft Cover Quantity: