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Liner Pond Products

Liner Inlet/Outlet Fitting
Liner Inlet/Outlet FittingFor use with below surface elevation plumbing in ponds constructed with EPDM or Butyl Rubber Liners. Designed with 2" opening. IPS fitting.
S063 - $21.99 - 1 unit Quantity:
Pond Liner Main Drain
Pond Liner Main DrainSpecial drain for liner ponds that includes gaskets and rings to attach to liner. We recommend the use of two drains in line to lessen excessive suction which may harm fish. Adapts to 1-1/2" rigid PVC. Includes an anti-vortex feature to prevent air suction and pump damage.
S544 - $109.99 - 1 unit Quantity:
Pond-Grade EPDM Rubber Liners
Pond-Grade EPDM Rubber LinersEPDM is a superb general-purpose pond-lining rubber. It is extremely flexible and conformable. It is safe for all aquatic life. It withstands extremes of exposure from artic cold to desert heat and will outlast any other flexible liner material in regions of intense sunlight or high levels of air pollution. EPDM liners are 45 mil. thick and a dark charcoal color. Any size may be ordered - length and width dimensions must be evenly divisible by 5'.
S087 - Pond-Grade EPDM Rubber Liners - $6.77 - per linear foot Quantity:
Must be ordered in incremental lengths or 5' length and width. Prices include shipping.
S161 - Pond-Grade EPDM Rubber Liners - $1.39 - per square foot Quantity: