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Pond Snails

Assorted Aquatic Snails
Assorted Aquatic Snails

Snails are the small time gardeners in your pond. Snails eat the algae off of your plants. Since the oxygen grasses compete with the algae for the gasses and nutrients, the algae tends to concentrate around the oxygenating grasses. Snails clean your plants and pots, keeping them free to flourish in your pond. If you are continually replacing the snails in your pond, there could be a good reason. Snails lay their eggs on the underneath of your lily leaves. If you get into your pond more than once a month to trim, the odds are that you are throwing away snail eggs. They are the clear jelly substance attached to the underneath of your lily leaves. Remember only ten minutes work a month per one thousand gallons of water. If you are spending more time on your pond, then it is not balanced properly. Water snails or scavengers do an important job in every water garden. Water snails will not leave the pond, and these varieties will not eat any decorative plants. Snails often appear in hibernation after shipping. Be sure to use Quick Start 30 minutes before adding snails in chloramine areas or new ponds. Upon arrival, float bag for twenty minutes to equalize temperatures before releasing into pond. Snail eggs look like a clear jelly on lily leaves.(using the pond sweep regularly to remove sedimentation from the bottom of pond will be helpful.)

A001P - Assorted Aquatic Snails - $12.99 - per dozen Quantity:
A002P - Assorted Aquatic Snails - $44.99 - for 50 Quantity:
A014P - Assorted Aquatic Snails - $9.99 - per 1/2 dozen Quantity:
Van Ness Quick Start
Van Ness Quick Start

Removes Chloramine and Ammonia

Quick Start is a chloramines and ammonia remover. Use 2 ounces of product for every 100 gallons of pond water. Will effectively remove harmful chloramines and ammonia from water. Use at least one hour prior to adding fish. This product is not compatible with ammonia test kits or chloramine test kits.

S301 - Van Ness Quick Start - $12.99 - 8 oz. (treats 400 gal.) Quantity:
S540 - Van Ness Quick Start - $20.99 - 16 oz. (treats 800 gal.) Quantity:
S541 - Van Ness Quick Start - $54.99 - 1 gallon (treats 6400 gal.) Quantity: